Frequently Asked Questions

Quality Grading Policy

The Quality grading system was designed to help us all identify what qualifies for a perfect or flawed pin. Unfortunately, hard enamel pins are hand made items, so they're prone to imperfections. Since we can't guarantee perfection, the Quality Grading system will categorize the pins, so collectors can purchase at their own discretion.

All Pins will be sold as STANDARD GRADE unless stated otherwise.
Collector's Grade:
Best for pin board collectors! Guaranteed free of air bubbles, stray
paint/glitter/dust specs, plating defects (excluding backs), small
scratches or chips, and low-fill or gouged enamel.

Standard Grade:
Meant to be worn! Free of major defects but *may* exhibit minor
imperfections of the type mentioned above or others that aren't
specified. Standard orders may be filled as collector's grade but are
not guaranteed as such.

Seconds Grade:
For Budget collectors. Multiple or major defects of the types mentioned
above, or: peeling enamel, missing enamel, or other unexpected
Problems. Most Seconds grade pins will be listed as "B-Grade."

Any order placed as a PRE-ORDER will be guaranteed as Standard Grade.Any "collector grade" pins will be sold as standard grade, too. Defective pins will be sold as "seconds" grade.

During a Seconds Sale, we may separate
the defective pins into categories such as "B-Grade" or "C-Grade." This
will only occur if the quality drastically differs between a pile of

My package wasn't delivered - what should I do?

Before you email us about your package
the first thing you need to do is contact USPS or your local post office
and open a missing package case! Often times the package is missing or
marked as delivered because it is being returned to the sender! Usually,
a delivery attempt was made but they were not able to leave the
package! Be sure to ask neighbors if they received your package by
mistake! These problems are issues with the USPS and need to be taken up with them first before contacting us, as this will be exactly what we tell you to do before we can help you further! Thank you so much!

Domestic Shipping:
All domestic orders are shipped via USPS first class shipping and have a
tracking number. Orders are shipped out within 1-5 business days of
when the order was placed. Shipping prices are calculated during the
check-out process and are based on quantity purchased and your location
within the United States. We are not responsible for packages that have
been mis-delivered, or lost in the care of USPS. We highly recommend that you purchase insurance at checkout to insure your package. In the case that USPS makes a mistake, and you don't receive your package, your order will ONLY be refunded if you purchased insurance at checkout. This option covers up to $100 of your purchase.

International Shipping: International Packages can take weeks to months to arrive to its
destination (depending on the efficiency of customs and your country's
postal service). I cannot do anything within two months of the order's
ship date. Thereafter, if it never arrived, I can refund your order if
you purchased a shipping rate with insurance. 

Please make sure you have contacted your country's local postal service before contacting Akuma Press.
Frequently, international orders are held by the buyer's local postal
service because they are waiting for the buyer to pay import/duty taxes
on the package. 

Package Insurance:
you can purchase insurance for your package at checkout by selecting
the "Standard Shipping + Insurance" option. This option covers the cost
of shipping and insurance.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Shipping and handling can take 5-14 business days.
Once shipped, most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 10 business
days to arrive depending on the efficiency of your local postal service.
International shipping delivery times may vary between 2 and 12 weeks.

Pre-Orders will be shipped once those
items are in stock. Sometimes they can take 4-5 weeks to arrive to the
shop. If you want an item before the pre-order item, then purchase them

Combining Multiple Orders

If you place multiple orders, I am
more than willing to combine the orders and refund the duplicate
shipping fees. However, $0.50-$1.00 will be deducted from the total
refund to cover the multiple transaction fees taken from Shopify &
Paypal. Refund rates will vary for international customers depending on
the order's total items -- this is because International Shipping rates
rise about $1.00 per ounce. 

You can also use the discount code: COMBINEORDERS to automatically deduct the shipping fee from your second order. DO NOTE USE THIS CODE UNLESS YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE OPEN ORDER. Failure to comply will result in having your order canceled. 

Returned Packages

If a package was shipped, but returned back to the sender (Akuma Press),
then it is the customer's obligation to pay for reshipment of the
product. Akuma Press does not cover these charges if the customer was
unable to receive the package from the carrier, or if the customer typed
in the incorrect address information.

Will you restock a pin?

items I create are sold as limited edition, and I WILL NOT restock.
Newer pins (From 2019 Onward) are open to restocks, however, it is not

When will (x) pin go on sale?

I post all drop information on my Patreon page and discord server. Posts regarding drop information will always be viewable to the public!

If I have not created a new post with a release date & time, then
that means the product has not arrived, and therefore, I do not know
when they will go on sale.

Auctions of Akuma Press pins

Due to the increase of auctions and private bidding, I have implemented a
ban, so anyone who auctions off my pins will be blocked from my shop.
My reasoning: auctions and private bids have unfairly raised the cost of
LE items, and they usually leave collectors angered or upset. I do not
want my pins to attract this type of attention, so moving forward, I
will no longer tolerate auctions.

Re-selling Patreon pins

Individuals who re-sell Patreon
pins for more than the Patreon tier price will be banned from my
Patreon, and potentially, my shop.
What prices are acceptable? Prior to September 2020, single pins were sold through patreon for $15 Shipped & Pin Sets (2 pins) were $27 Shipped. If you resell, it must be the same price: $15 shipped.Unfortunately, I had to implement this
rule after a lot of people took advantage of my Patreon & joined
only to flip the pins for profit.

Return Policy

No returns will be accepted, and ALL
SALES ARE FINAL. I've explained my grading system for all to see,
therefore no refunds will be issued. 

If a customer insists on cancelling an
order that has not shipped, they will be charged a 20% restocking fee.
Meaning, only 80% of the total will be refunded.

Patreon FAQ

How to join Patreon pin club

To join & receive exclusive LE Pins, simply click one of the tiers based on your interests!
Tiers are divided by design, variant, and US or International
  Pin A will always be inspired by hxh.
  Pin B will change to a different series every month.
Shipping is included in the price of your pledge!

I am interested in (x) pin; am I too late to receive it?

Patreon charges the 1st of every month! In order to receive the upcoming October pin(s), you must pledge by September 30th.
If your pledge is record on October 1st or after, then you missed the deadline for the pins. Your next payment will be recorded on Nov 1st for the November Pins.

How do I change my tier pledge?

Click on your icon (top right), and then Click Manage Memberships.
Next, click Edit under the Akuma Press membership to select a new tier. 

When will I receive my rewards?

Pins can take 6-8 weeks to complete.

As of late, they have taken a few months to complete.
Please keep in mind, production delays can and do happen.
I’m only one person, so once I receive the pins, it takes me about 2-3
weeks to quality check, back the pins, and ship out all the packages. 

I’m not interested in this month’s design - can I cancel my pledge?

Absolutely! You are always welcome to click on the Manage Memberships tab to cancel your pledge. Whenever you’re interested again, you’re welcome to rejoin.

Will you have more pins of (x) design?

Yes! I always order a lot of extras. Extra pins will eventually go up for sale in the Secret Shop. I typically wait until I have 4 pins to drop at once to reduce the amount of shipments. 

How do I access the Secret Shop & Discount Code?

A password protected link to the Secret Shop is located on the home page of my patreon.
Passwords & Discount Codes will be sent via ✉Patreon Messages to members who were billed on the 1st of the month. 

Re-selling Patreon Pins

Individuals who re-sell Patreon
pins for more than the Patreon tier price will be banned from my
Patreon, and potentially, my shop.
What prices are acceptable? Prior to September 2020, single pins were sold through patreon for $15 Shipped & Pin Sets (2 pins) were $27 Shipped. If you resell, it must be the same price: $15 shipped.
Unfortunately, I had to implement this rule after a lot of people took
advantage of my Patreon & joined only to flip the pins for profit.

Changing your Address for New & Unshipped Rewards

If you change your address on patreon, but you still have unshipped rewards, PLEASE CONTACT ME about your change of address. I have to manually update the address for unshipped rewards, otherwise your reward will be shipped to the address recorded when the payment was taken on the 1st of (x) reward’s month.