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Jungkook Sketchbook Print

Jungkook Sketchbook Print

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Grading Policy


Collector's Grade: Best for pin board collectors! Guaranteed free of air bubbles, stray
paint/glitter specs, metal plating defects (excluding backs). small
scratches or chips, and low-fill or gouged enamel.

Standard Grade: Meant to be worn! Free of major defects but may exhibit minor imperfections of the type mentioned above. 

Seconds (B) Grade: For budget collectors. Multiple or major defects of the types mentioned
above, or: peeling enamel, missing enamel, or other unexpected problems.


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Return Policy

All purchases are final. Refunds or returns will not be accepted. However, if there is an issue with your item, please contact Akuma so we can help you.

This print is a scan of my sketchbook page! It was done traditionally on cold pressed paper with red & blue acrylic inks. The JK page is my favorite piece of art I've worked on this year, so thank you a million times if you purchase <3

Print Specifications:

  • Red River Linen Paper
  • Textured Matte finish
  • 6x6 Inches

All Artwork presented is fanart by Akuma Press.

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